The happiest holiday of the year is near! Your clients love Christmas as much as you do! Decorate your business with a touch of the holiday spirit and share the magic of Christmas with your clients!
If you are wondering how you can bring the Christmas spirit to your business and also to benefit from the most consuming period of the year, please read below some useful tips.

Decorate Online

  • As already mentioned, the picture you use in social media is the store window of your business online. So, give to your profile picture - and to your Facebook page as a whole - a more festive touch! This change will definitely be noticed. Tip: Make sure that your picture has a good analysis and its dimensions are 851×315.
  • Focus on interactive festive posts. Ask your fans to choose among Christmas products or designs, suggest Christmas presents and ask for their preferences.
  • Design and send a festive newsletter with wishes for Christmas and for the New Year!

Christmas is about giving

  • Presents give joy! Run a Christmas competition on Facebook. It can help you increase your sales, attract new audience and will definitely make a good impression and make people smile. Ask your fans to post pictures with festive content or you can post a question and they should make a comment. Don't forget: attractive presents yield greater participation!
  • We give presents to our beloved ones but also to ourselves. If you have products for sale, you can create Christmas packages or attractive offers and you will see that your sales will increase. Tip: According to a Crowdtap survey, 65% of consumers use the Internet to find the proper Christmas presents! Therefore, don't forget to promote your products using social media.

“Dress” your store for the occasion

  • Music: From now on add a play-list with Christmas songs!
  • Decorate your shop with a Christmas tree, lights, wreaths, use coffee cups with Christmas themes, and offer festive customer service. Give to your customers the chance to forget for a while all their problems and the routine and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Prevention is better than cure

Motivate your customers to book their appointments in time instead of waiting for the very last moment. In this way you'll have a better schedule and will be prepared for the upcoming workload. If they are still not convinced, then you could motivate them by offering a small discount to the first ones who will respond!

Tip: Do not undertake more then you can manage. Organise your time properly and focus on offering good quality customer service.

Dear Book'n'Bloomers, last but not least:

The application has a Christmas decoration to get you and your clients into Christmas spirit! Click now on your Panel of Control to see the change!


  • Do you have any Christmas offers? You can add them in the application as a new category under Services.
  • You could give a festive twist to the description of services, e.g. “Enjoy your manicure – pedicure along with a hot Christmas chocolate!”.
  • Send a gift voucher to your loyal customers! They'll probably visit you more than once during the Christmas period, so they earn a reward!
  • Update the application with the working hours during the Christmas period, so that your customers can see when you will be closed.

Happy Holidays and a Blooming New Year!

Written by: Eftychia