Over the last few years there has been a development in the functionality of Facebook, which has evolved from a social media network to contact friends you share interests with to a complete platform offering applications, notifications, games, as well as advanced features such as advertisements for small businesses or statistics.

We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media network - according to statista.com only in the UK it has 31.4 million users and it is expected to grow further – and this is why many SMBs use it not only as a medium to interact with their clients but also to increase their sales. Nowadays Facebook's objective is to help SMBs use this potential in a local way by improving the product and adapting it according to their needs.

The benefits of having a Facebook page are not limited to simply being able to have a space to communicate with your friends and clients, and to share information with them for free. It is foremost a really useful network for companies, for they can manage and promote their business easily just by using a familiar and widely used network.

What if I step out of my comfort zone?
Many small business owners think that having a Facebook page would cost much because they would need to update it regularly. The truth is that it is not as difficult as it may seem and, as time passes by, being present in the social media is not an option any more. The majority of consumers already use Facebook, which has created the necessity of keeping businesses up-to-date in order to get benefits and increase clients' loyalty.
A business page or fan page helps small business owners start building their brand online and take advantage of the viral effect social networks can create.
By doing simple tasks such as posting photos, sharing news regarding the sector or replying to clients who use Facebook as a means of communication, the shop owner can add value to his business, have a clear advantage over his competitors, expand his network by reaching out to a greater audience, and gain recognition and recommendations.

Written by: Ana