In our previous post we analyzed the main benefits of Facebook for small businesses and the use of this social network as communication channel with clients. In this post we will explain how to use Facebook in order to increase sales and how to can set up ad campaigns.

Enjoy the benefits of Facebook
Using Facebook as a tool to promote your business and increase sales is already possible. Many businesses choose to run ad campaigns through this social network instead of using other traditional methods. The increasing demand of Facebook ads is due to the local power of these ads and the great segmentation possibility.

Facebook ads
There are two ways of posting ads on Facebook: On the one hand, if you are administrator of a page, Facebook offers you automatically the possibility to promote your page by choosing your estimated budget. On the other hand, you can access the Ads Manager and set up your own ad campaigns, the objective and the target audience.
Thanks to the segmentation tools it is very simple to set up an ad campaign on Facebook. The first step is to carefully set the objective of your ads, as for example to increase the page conversion (e.g. bookings), to get more fans or increase the interaction with them, to offer specific discounts or other preferences.
Once you have set the objective, you can select your target audience. One of the new functionalities is to select a personalized audience, e.g. by using your clients' emails in order to send them an offer or by making your Facebook ad visible to the people who previously visited your website. In this way you can further increase the conversion rate, i.e. the people who just purchased something. The better you know your audience the better results you'll have, for you'll need a smaller budget to reach your target sales. The segmentation of ads allows you to set filters according to interests (e.g. a specific brand, hobbies, entertainment etc.) and behavior (e.g. if they use smartphones, if they purchase online, if they book trips online etc.), and also to make your ad visible to people who are connected to a specific page as well as to their friends.
Moreover, when deciding about the budget, you can choose a maximum daily amount and let Facebook automatically optimize it or you can set a fixed price when someone clicks on your ad or when a thousand users see it. The budget depends on the competition and the ad's creativity since it will be optimized if it is of better quality. In order to achieve that, apart from the ad's text, you should always include an attractive image to get the users' attention and create various ads to see which one brings better results. In general, the colors that can help your ad be more successful are shades of red, orange, and green.
Once you have set up your ad campaign you can see in the statistics the results you reach and also the real profile of the persons that showed interest in your ad. This is a continuous analysis procedure that can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and enjoy more benefits.

Written by: Ana