Our application is your virtual assistant for planning business meetings

A virtual assistant is an extension of the technology that enables companies to have a more efficient and effective communication with their customers. We are all familiar with the “Omni-channel approach” which is the foundation for many business strategies. This way of thinking is based on our existing experience, we can better manage product/service portfolio, customer relationship and achieve better results.

“Our application is your virtual assistant for planning business meetings”.

The introduction comprises of a section on the name of the application, some important features, a short-description of what it does and some advantages over other tools.

We are a virtual assistant helping you in planning business meetings with your company’s staff.

If you want to help your boss or a colleague plan his/her next business meeting, a virtual assistant could be a perfect tool for the job. You can make sure that everything is in place and you will never take your eyes off the screen while planning a meeting at your desk.

The application is a virtual assistant that helps you plan your business meetings. It lets you focus on what matters to you, and it will also help you create the most efficient schedule for your meetings.

Second, they will manage a lot of contact details at once: flight plan, hotel information, numbers and contacts for clients or prospects. And it is not just about statistics but it also turns out to be an effective way of generating contacts when you need them most. For example, when sending out cold calling emails the company would like its customers’ contact details filled up faster during those initial days in order to create positive sales momentum in their business

We believe that there is a need for better, more efficient and effective way to plan business meetings. Since we have already created software for creating professional presentations and content for webpages, it makes sense to also create software for planning business meetings.

A virtual assistant is essentially a computer program that can assist you in every part of your life. A virtual assistant provides you with information, guidance, and helps you plan your next activity.

We have spent several weeks of research and developing this application. This is our attempt to automate interaction in a real-time manner with clients without any loss of quality or efficiency. The idea behind this approach is that users should be able to see all the details of a certain topic and their own plans in advance instead of having to wait for the appointment booking app or a meeting planner app like Google CalEND. Users should be able to put things on hold while planning their trip, travel itinerary and getting ready for it at home too; they should not have to send emails asking how long they can put off these important tasks.