The smart tool to make your small business bloom

Save time and increase revenue allowing your customers to book their appointments directly from Facebook in a few clicks. 

A simple way to manage your business and get bookings 24/7 from any device

Book'n'Bloom is an intuitive and secure online appointment system, which is fully integrated into Facebook and allows small and medium-sized businesses like yours to retain current customers and attract new ones using fun features. You can try Book'n'Bloom without commitment for free.

Reduce no-shows and increase revenue

Prevent valuable time and income loss when your clients forget their appointments or appear late. Using SMS reminders you will be able to offer better customer service by informing your clients about their upcoming appointments. Don’t worry about idle time in your schedule and increase your revenue.

Get online bookings 24/7 and optimise your time

Instead of repeatedly interrupting your work to get appointments over the phone, devote your time to offer a better customer service and build personalised relationships with your customers. Allow your clients to book their appointments online within the friendly environment of Facebook in just 3 simple steps, directly through your Facebook business page. Thanks to the clients’ mobile app your business will never be closed – you'll have the chance to get online bookings 24/7 even outside business hours and stay in the know with notifications.

Bolster customer loyalty

Keep your clients satisfied and increase customer loyalty without having to spend much time on customer engagement thanks to an automated and flexible rewarding system. You can give your clients an extra motivation to visit your business regularly by offering them customised discounts and birthday coupons.

Gain recognition and make the most of your Facebook page

Gain recognition and potential customers by leveraging the Facebook advantages and the successful “word of mouth” advertisement. Take advantage of a Facebook integrated tool to gain popularity and new visitors having no need of your own website. Your customers can share with their Facebook friends that they will visit your shop, thereby offering you the chance to generate buzz and increase the reach of your business.

Manage your customer directory in an easy and effective way

Have all your clients’ data gathered in one place, in digital form, and absolutely safe from third parties through an easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system designed to fit small businesses’ needs like yours. Storing your customers' contact details, history and personal notes (e.g. birthday, allergies, preferences etc.) will help you deliver an excellent, client-friendly service.

Use an online agenda to better manage your appointments

Get a detailed overview of your business schedule without missing anything. With the online agenda you will be able to organise your appointments faster and easier. All data are absolutely safe and your schedule will be accessible through your Facebook account. You can also add phone bookings in just a few clicks and view your daily or weekly appointments along with all useful information about each one of them.

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