South Summit 2014

Today is the first day of the international event The South Summit 2014 that gathers 5.000 attendees, leading investors, companies, and top startups from Southern Europe and Latin America!

Book'n'Bloom has been chosen among 3000 startups to participate in South Summit 2014 and has rightfully earned a place among the 30 finalists!

The goal of South Summit 2014 is to bring together the most promising startups from the South of Europe, Mediterranean and Latin America with top-tier international investors and the most innovative corporations, and, therefore, to create a strategic bridge between Europe and Latin America.

It is a unique meeting point that will gather around 100 startups from a wide range of industries from early to growth stage, giving them access to unique networking opportunities and the possibility to present their pitches in front of a unique audience.

This initiative driven by IE Business School and Spain Startup has as main goal to place Spain as an investment platform and to boost international entrepreneurial projects or initiatives via well-known investors.

The event will take place in Plaza de las Ventas until 10 October!

Don't miss Claus Rosenberg Gotthard, our CEO, who will present Book'n'Bloom tomorrow at 16:30!
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Written by: Magda